Biography of Harriman Nelson

Nelson Institute of Marine Research

Santa Barbara, California


"When you get screwy data, begin by believing it and work from there. Keep your logic sound and link it through until you have an answer, Only if that answer is impossible do you start blaming your instruments. And be damn cautious about what you use that word "impossible" on."

Admiral Harriman Nelson
Founder and Owner of NIMR, Creator of the Seaview, the Flying Sub and several other inventions.
Harriman Nelson came from a family that in its past included Sea Captains, Congressmen, college presidents, State governors, philanthropists and most recently investment bankers.
He entered Annapolis at an early age and later became the head of its Science Department. After becoming the second youngest admiral in history, he retired to pursue his dream-building the first submarine built outside the Navy Department. Built to house the world's largest mobile marine laboratory, and financed by his own personal fortune, patents and inventions and donations from the private sector, including the piggy banks of children.

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